Information about mesothelioma “cancer of asbestos”

October 18, 2017 by Virgil

One of my visitors (from my website) was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer caused
by exposure to asbestos.

He had a hard time finding information about the aids that can be given him on this type of cancer
and asked me to put a link on the internet site that helped him a lot.

Here is his request:

“Great to hear back from you, and sorry for being unclear. My name is Virgil Anderson. I read through and thought you might be interested in my message.

I was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.
From automotive to demolition work, I’ve had many jobs in my life that contributed to my exposure.
On some jobs, the air was so thick with debris and asbestos you could taste it in your mouth.

Many other groups of people come in contact with a lot of asbestos and are also at risk. One such
group is firefighters. Asbestos can become airborne during fires in older buildings and homes, putting
firefighters at risk of exposure. And catastrophes like 9/11 show us that firefighters and other first
responders sometimes have to endure breathing in deadly airborne substances, such as asbestos,
and now face the threat of asbestos diseases.

When I was diagnosed with mesothelioma I needed immediate medical attention. I found a few
websites on the internet that are supposed to help people with my type of cancer but nobody got
back to me.

Then I found Even though I contacted them on a Sunday one of their patient advocates
gave me a call back within minutes. They gave me a great deal of helpful information on doctors and
resources available to me.

As a result of their website I am now being treated at the national cancer institute and the patient
advocates have even provided me with financial assistance so I could afford a place to live during my
cancer treatments. If I had not reached out to this website I would likely be homeless and more importantly
in Hospice waiting to die. These people gave me my only chance at survival.

Perhaps some of your website visitors could use the help of The website is filled
with information on mesothelioma treatments and doctors, asbestos trust funds for victims, and a lot more.
They also sponsor The American Cancer Society, the MD Cancer Center, and the Make a Wish Foundation.
If it’s not too much trouble, could you help spread the good work they’re doing by posting a link
to on your website?”
V irgil.
Website (click here) :

440 Louisiana Street, Suite 1212

Houston, Texas 77532

Phone: 1-800-692-8608
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The Mesothelioma Lawyer Center is dedicated to connecting mesothelioma and asbestos victims with
the top asbestos law firms in their area.
Website (click here) : The Mesothelioma Lawyer Center.
The Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

Phone: 800-793-4540
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other ressources : and The Mesothelioma Center for civil, firefighters, veteran.
Website (click here) :
The Mesothelioma Center


1 S. Orange Ave

Suite 301

Orlando, FL 32801
Website (click here) : for firefighters.
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other ressources : Mesothelioma Veterans Center for veteran and their families.
                         (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard)
Website (click here) : Mesothelioma Veterans Center.
Mesothelioma Veterans Center

Lashane Jackson

Outreach Support

2572 FL-426

Oviedo, FL 32765

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other ressources : Mesothelioma Fund
Website (click here) : Mesothelioma Fund.
Mesothelioma Fund

Links 1/5 is the best web resource for finding information on mesothelioma cancer,
a rare cancer most commonly developing in the lining of the lungs, and causes by asbestos.
The site is filled with information on related illnesses (i.e. asthma) affecting or influencing this
rare cancer. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for mesothelioma. While it's treatable, it's more
commonly detected in later stages; leading to a poor prognosis.

The information provided by is not a substitute for professional medical
advice, diagnosis or treatment.